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Natural mineral water is packed with a myriad of trace minerals and compounds which are good for you. We ask that you try to include 1L of natural mineral water in your daily diet. As much as we love to source local, the water in the UAE is salty and therefore demineralized to be drinkable (look for "bottled drinking water" on the labels of local waters). Local "bottled drinking water" is safe to drink, but why not also get a dose of "natural mineral water" mineralized by the earth every day? sources its natural mineral water from a naturally protected reserve in the highest mountains in Spain. We ship, store, and deliver at constant chilled 19C to protect the plastic from the heat. We pick up your empty bottles on delivery and recycle them into clothing with our partner 100% full commitment to sustainability. We are partners with DGrade. We can pick up all used bottles when we arrive for home delivery and turn them into clothes with Buy one carton, get one carton free with your first order


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I know a lot about water and Lanjarón is my favorite in the UAE because it comes from a beautiful source and well maintained from source to final delivery.