Frequently asked Questions

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What does Searfi cost? Is it free?
  • The use of Searfi is free
  • Publishing a Business Profile on Searfi is free
  • For more insights on user demographics viewing your Business Profile or the opportunity to publish promotions you need to subscribe to our Subscription Plan of AED2000/annum.
  • Additional services can be purchased for AED500/package
I have a Business, how can I sign up? And what do I need?
  • Please create a user account and log on. As soon as you are logged in with your account, you can find Add Business in the top Menu and with a few clicks your Business will be online
  • You need a valid Trade License and VAT Certificate if applicable in order for your profile to get published
What can I find on Searfi?
  • Service Providers & Retail Businesses listing their Products, Services, Delivery and Payment terms, Promotions and location details
  • User recommendations and feedback of customers (coming soon)
  • Blogs describing the life in the UAE and useful hints and tips for a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle (coming soon)
  • Exchange of recommendations, hints and tips through Searfi's Social Media Platform (coming soon)
What benefits does Searfi provide?
  • More efficient way of finding products and services in your vicinity
  • Pre-purchase research support platform
  • Social Media to connect with other customers facing similar challenges finding places, products or service providers
Which country/city is Searfi covering?
  • Currently Searfi only operates in Abu Dhabi, soon Dubai and the rest of the UAE
  • Plans to expand Searfi to other countries in the Middle East are in progress (coming soon)
  • Searfi plans to conquer the world and offer its services internationally (coming later)
Can I buy products or book any services via Searfi?
  • Currently there is no option to purchase and products or book any services through Searfi
  • Home delivery and Service booking through Searfi will be offered soon (coming soon)
Does Searfi show me the availability of products online?
  • No, Searfi shows only the products the Business is having in their inventory catalogue. Searfi currently doesn't show the availability of the product. For more information, please get in touch with the selling business or visit their store.
I can't find what I was looking for
  • Please get in touch with us and let us know where we can improve
  • Encourage Businesses to sign up on Searfi
  • Tell friends and family about Searfi, the more users we have the more Businesses we can encourage to sign up