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List your business and see how many people are viewing your profile. See how many people are looking for directions to your business location.

  • Increase your visibility

    Publish your free online profile with services, products and features you are offering to enhance your visibility.

  • Share services & products

    Use Searfi for target marketing and publish offers, services and products and let people share and recommend your businesses among the community

  • Analyze consumer behavior

    Subscribe to Searfi with our annual subscription plans to receive monthly performance reports and learn about your customers

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Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
Business Profiles with essential information
No Prioritization Based on Fees
Same chance to be found as any other business on Searfi
Service Provider Listing
Service Providers can provide areas of service instead of Business Location
Product Listing
Easy way to show and list range of products
Business Profile
Profile for each Business and Service Providers with relevant information Contact details, address, GPS information, User recommendation, ratings, Products, Brands, Services.
Date Analysis
Businesses can analyse consumer behavior and geographics with the collected data.
Targeted marketing & promotions through AI

How it works

Register your business for FREE in just 10min with Searfi's quickform and share impressions by uploading pictures of your business. (no payment details required)

  • Register as user

    Create a Searfi user and register with your mobile number and email address.

  • Complete the Quickform

    Complete the Add Business quickform with your business description, location information and business license #

  • Upload pictures & products

    Enhance your profile by adding pictures, services and products to show potential customers what you have to offer

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How to use guideline

What is required to register my business?
  • Email address
  • Mobile Number
  • Business/ Trading License # (not published)
How long does it take to sign up my business?
  • 10min for the quick form and
  • 10min for the detailed form to verify, add opening hours and pictures
What languages do you support?
Currently we only support English. Soon we will also support Arabic.
How do I add my business?
  • Create a Searfi user by click on Add Business in the Menu
  • Then complete the quickform by entering Business Name and location details and uploading the Business license
What do I need to do after the quickform?
Complete the Add Business quickform with your business description, location information and business license #
Where can I upload my pictures?
  • Log on to Searfi
  • Click on your user profile in the Menu and select Business Center from the Menu
  • For the header picture and store front pictures of your listing:
    select Details from the main menu of the Business Center, then select Cover Photo. Here you can take a picture when accessing through a mobile device or click on Drag or drop files to select files from a folder.
  • For Gallery pictures to show some store pictures:
    go to Gallery in the Business Center menu and click on Add Pictures, this will give you the option to take a picture when accessing from a mobile devices or select from a folder.
How can I add Products?
  • Log on to Searfi.
  • Click on your user profile in the Menu and select Business Center from the Menu
  • In the main menu you find Products where you can add Products
Is it really free?

Yes, registering with Searfi is free. Publishing your profile is free.

There is an annual subscription if you want to upload your full product range and service catalogue. Please call us or send us an email if you are interested in our subscription plans.

Why does the upload of pictures fail?

When trying to upload pictures > 1MB the upload will fail. The pictures uploaded need to be < 1 MB in size. Direct uploads from mobile phones might fail if you work with an high resolution camera.

Can you help me to sign up my business?

Yes, we can come and help with signing your business up. For basic assistance, i.e. setting up profile with basic information we will change AED100. For products and services upload, high resolution picture taking of your premises for the profile and consultation we charge AED500.

How do I add opening hours for my business?

You need to log on with your username and password, then open the Business Center. In the Business Center you find Working Hours.

I was interrupted, can I continue later?

If the quickform was completed, you can stop updating your profile at any time and return back later.

If you were in the middle of the quickform to add your business, you need to start from the beginning.

How can I upload my Business License?

On the second page of the “Add Business” form the Business License # needs to be provided in the field and additionally a copy of the business license shall be uploaded in the Supporting Documents. Click Select files or drag & drop the picture or scan of your business license to the dedicated area on the page.

Can I add my business without an office location?

Yes, the office location is not required if you don’t want to publish your address. The only mandatory fields for the form are:

City and Area, but you can choose not to publish them.


Searfi Support

Call or email us if have any questions, concerns, suggestions or require help to sign up your business.