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Searfi is an online marketing platform for promoting services & products in an easy way.

Searfi Team

Amal Al Mansoori

Amal Al Mansoori

Co-founder and Chairwoman, UAE

Amal is also our chief art director and her fresh new ideas and innovative thinking is giving Searfi the innovative edge.

Stefanie Roll

Stefanie Roll

Co-founder and CEO, Germany

Stefanie brings 20 years of experience in managing IT transformation projects and IT consulting to the table.

We both grew up or live long time in the UAE and are working both in IT. We realized that most businesses in the UAE don't have an internet presence and can't be found online, especially not with detailed services and products listed. We are working both in development, user experience and have experience with business intelligence, marketing and purchasing. Our team brings the fundamental knowledge to succeed and we have a great network of experts as our SMEs available to refine our strategy.

About Searfi

Searfi is an online directory of the UAE's local businesses, targeting millions of people living in and visiting the UAE, searching for Products, Brands, Locations and Services. Search results are listed by location, so users can easily find what they’re looking for.
Users can rate and recommend businesses and services, can chat in the social media section about products and services they are. Searfi on the other side is helping local Businesses and Service Providers to publish their profile and advertise their products and services.
We started the company because we experienced ourselves so many challenges to find products and are reading on social media platforms of people asking daily for recommendations, sometimes repeatedly for the same products or services.
There is no platform where you can search for a product in your vicinity and get a reliable answer. So many malls are built and shops opening around us without a reliable website or application where you can identify what to purchase where.
To look for services without a fixed business location is by pure chance or recommendations. We want to help connecting consumers and business owners in an effective way.
Searfi is a user friendly website and mobile App without distracting advertisement banners or 3rd party services. It’s results after a search are not prioritized based on paid fees, but based solely on distance to the current location of the searching consumer.
Searfi is offering with their price valuable data to the businesses which will help to analyze their customer demographics and their own positioning in the market in relation to similar businesses.
Searfi is targeting all types of Businesses of any size of value, all types of service providers and all type of Consumer searching for any product or service.

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