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Searfi helps to find the needle in the haystack

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Find the desired product or service

Studies have shown that customers are researching online before purchasing either online or before visiting retail stores. Searfi helps to find the desired product or service they are looking for.

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Supports online and offline shopping

Searfi supports online and offline shopping and is therefore the ideal omnichannel platform for retail and service offers. Searfi is not limited to any category, product, service nor business type.

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Save time driving

Searfi will save time driving from one business location to the next by offering clear directions and GPS locations of the businesses listed. Searfi will save also time to customers searching for specific products and services online by merging the multiple channels currently available.

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Customizes business profile

Searfi offers a customizes business profile online to market your business with security, storage and your dedicated URL path which includes your business name. Searfi offers 1 attractive all-inclusive package for all businesses.

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Create business profile

Searfi enables the business to create their profile with an easy-to-use form-based interface which fills a profile individually for all platform optimized at once. Searfi is optimized to support all these attributes from day 1.

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Increase businesses revenue

Searfi allows businesses to increase their revenue without taking a share. Therefore, the business can concentrate in attracting more customers and providing best services to gain profit and positive ratings.

Searfi is the best place to find
the needle in the haystack